Via Brasil Restaurant
34 West 46th Street
(Little Brazil Street)
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212-997-1158

Via Brasil Restaurant
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Via Brasil's bar is stocked with a complete array of beverages including many expressive wines from Brasil, as well as, exotic and intoxicating brands of the Brasilian liqour Cachaca, which is the key ingredient in our famous "Caipirinha".

Our Caipirinha's, which have been called some of the best anywhere outside of Brasil, are made of fresh limes, sugar, and your choice of Cachaca, poured over cracked ice and gently shaken and served for your delight.

In addition to our "classic" Caipirinha's with lime, we offer a variety of other fruits which may be substituted to give you that absolutely sublime experience you are looking for with our finest Caipirinha's. Aside from our famous signature drink we have many other exotic Cachaca-based cocktails to choose from, such as our very popular Caipisake and Caipiwine. Whichever you desire, all are sure to satisfy and perfectly compliment both your meal and your evening.

wineOver the past few years we at Via Brasil have worked continuously in developing a wine list to match our unique and mouthwatering cuisine, a wine selection of depth, breath and diversity. Matching food and wine is an art, but it is an art that should always be fun. This is the concept that we pursue with all of our employees. We're constantly updating vintages, monitoring new releases and coaching the staff. However, this is an over simplification of the process we've incorporated at Via Brasil, since we believe that wines are food for the soul, they are definitely the expression of our passionate pursuit of commitment at Via Brasil.